Wearing a mask is currently a requirement of entry to our practice, due to workplace health and safety obligations to staff and other patients.

Why Our Patients Love Us

Word of mouth recommendation is how the majority of our new patients find out about the excellent doctors at our clinics. Our patients love us and recommend their friends, family and work colleagues to us!

We are not allowed to print patient testimonials, even if we remove the patient names. That is a crying shame as we could fill pages with rave reviews from our patients. We collect Patient Feedback at the reception counter, but comments also come in from emails, cards and letters. Common attributes mentioned include attentiveness, friendliness, caring, knowledge and handling emergency walk-ins. 

Our corporate name – Alive & Kicking Medical Practices Pty Ltd – gives you some insight to our philosophy about taking care of our patients to help you live life to the fullest.

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